So Tim isn’t the greatest photographer but @prilzor & @heidielisewirz made this mural happen in such a tight time frame. Thank you @theartofskinner for sending these ladies my way…they are amazing. Now go eat this pizza….its helllllllla good!! (at Lonesome’s Pizza)
04.15.14 /18:50/ 1
Portland! I need your help!! I need a projector and a few extra hands to help me paint, tonight and all day tomorrow. This is a PAID gig….feel free to share with anyone who you think may be able to help. Thank you xoxox
04.14.14 /17:28
stealing this one from @boatsss….yesterdays epic view
04.08.14 /15:39/ 3
04.01.14 /08:02/ 10
Late nite transistor radio painting…could be yours.
04.01.14 /05:28/ 7
White, red, gold & black for @rodin
03.24.14 /03:54/ 5
Next month! Seeking all kinds of work…interior/exterior painting. Set design. Painting on pretty much anything you own. Let me know!! xo
03.20.14 /14:50/ 3
03.19.14 /05:17/ 73
Finished “Flock” piece for the @whitewallssf anniversary show opening Saturday!! I will be raging in Austin but you should go and see all the amazing art!
03.11.14 /19:03/ 25
Mudra & Wildcraft….Two new patches up at !! Muslin patches that are approx 12x9” and 9x5” only 7 of each available online, the rest in person. Sorry for the terrible images, I swear they are nice in real life. Thank you @faultline_artspace for printing!!!
03.02.14 /00:36/ 25
Collab #2 with @cannondill
02.27.14 /01:52/ 8
Collab with my friend @cannondill  :)
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Canvas  by  andbamnan