Just got a ton of shirts….men + ladies cuts. 
((Some have my design on front with a sneaky @lefthand_cutouts on the back!))
Cream, black, brown & dusty lavender $18. 
Sizes S-L
elle.napolitano@gmail.com if you want one.
08.29.14 /15:47/ 2
Images and a recap of Loyal up on @oakartenthusiast today.
08.26.14 /15:57/ 2
Inside Pier 70, home of our next project @artbeatssf …September 26-28
08.26.14 /00:30
Aura photograph. Thanks friends for such a fun day.
08.16.14 /23:02/ 1
First look at my collab with @fiatluxsf !!
08.12.14 /22:57/ 3
Install view from my show at @reduxstudios show is up till October 5th…accepting all lunch dates if you want to come out and see it.xo
08.09.14 /14:43/ 3
Meow. Gone to a good home!!
08.09.14 /01:14/ 5
Last minute additions….floor treasures. Hope to see you all tomorrow!!
08.07.14 /18:22
Install week is coming along….if you like to bead come help out!!
Hope to see you all Friday nite!! (at redux)
08.05.14 /20:14/ 3
Some new collabs with @fiatluxsf coming sooooon!!!
07.31.14 /04:39/ 5
My solo show “Loyal” opens in 9 days. Its been a fun few months pulling from the St. Vincent De Paul warehouse…come see all my treasures!!
07.30.14 /12:40/ 1
Reminiscing on old drawings…
07.29.14 /12:18/ 2
Getting ready for sunset campout!! @sparkuhlpieces  & I will have a collab installation by the main stage…find us there or basking in the river!!
07.22.14 /15:48/ 5
07.21.14 /23:13/ 6
Canvas  by  andbamnan